Enterprise Mobility Solutions

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets, coupled with the growing trend to allow employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) into the organization, is presenting significant new opportunities and benefits for end-users, IT departments and enterprises. However, it is also introducing an unprecedented and complex set of security and compliance risks that are often more difficult to identify and manage than those faced on corporate-deployed desktop computers and laptops. Traditional “command and control” and “risk avoidance” tactics are no longer enough – it is now critical for enterprises to create broader strategies for managing the risks associated with embracing mobile devices.

Mobile Risk Management for Enterprise

Our mobile security and risk management solutions enable enterprises to support corporate-liable and personal-liable devices while addressing their requirements for device management, corporate security, private data protection, corporate compliance and auditability. By taking the approach of risk mitigation rather than risk avoidance, we can help enterprises embrace smartphones and tablets in a way that addresses regulatory compliance, reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and empowers employees to get the most out of their mobile device experience.

We help organizations protect their mobile devices and private data by enabling them to:

  • Monitor and verify the configuration and integrity of mobile devices, software and apps
  • Protect devices from private data loss, security breaches and policy violations
  • Deploy and manage corporate apps, data and documents in a secure and protected manner
  • Monitor and track compliance with internal policies and government regulations
  • Wipe all corporate data from BYOD devices, even if the radio is turned off or the SIM card removed
  • Generate comprehensive compliance reporting across all mobile devices

We help you understand your risks and implement solutions that mitigate and manage those risks to the highest degree possible so you can be confident and compliant while enabling the full potential of mobility.

  Our Products for Enterprises comprise

Mobility platform for protecting mobile devices. In addition to mobile device management (MDM), it provides continuous device integrity monitoring and comprehensive compliance reporting across BlackBerry, iOS and Android. Sentinel is a robust server-based platform that supports tens of thousands of devices with wireless updates.

Secure Container solution for protecting and encrypting corporate data on iPad™, iPhone™ and Android devices. Keep all corporate data and apps - Email, Docs, Custom Apps and more - encrypted and contained in a secure mobile workspace with full IT policy control and integrity monitoring for corporate workspace.

Mobile Application Management solution that helps app developers and IT organizations test, deploy, monitor and support their growing fleet of mobile apps. Centrally manage app distribution, collect usage and performance analytics, and simplify support with AppZone.

Enterprise Mobility has become one of the top five strategic initiatives in most business around the world.  Business are finding value by improving productivity of their workforce as well as improving business processes directly impacting business performance.

Enterprise Mobility however is being influenced greatly by current trends in technology as well as social and economic changes across the globe. CIOs now have to rethink their strategy for how they will ensure security and data protection, build in agile business processes and to reduce cost.

We have developed the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) framework to help guide customers towards building a holistic mobility strategy. Whether your strategy only covers Corporate Liable devices or also Individual liable device (BYOD) it’s important that a holistic approach to developing and implementing a mobile strategy at least consider each area of the framework.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is only the delivery capability of managing a mobile fleet. Companies should consider also the following areas:

  • Mobile Security Management – Technology to enforce security standards and auditing
  • Mobile Information Management – Defining what company information will be transmitted to mobile devices and how the company controls access and removal.
  • Mobile Risk Management -  Evaluating the risk to the company of corporate information being compromised and implementation of auditing procedures to alert the company of those compromises.
  • Mobile Policy Management – Defining Corporate acceptable use policies, defining and implementing policy enforcement on mobile devices, and updating those policies on at least an annual basis. This should be done in collaboration with the Security and Human Resources departments as well as the Employees unions if you are a German company.
  • Mobile Application Management – If your mobility strategy requires use of corporate applications such as CRM, or a custom build application you will need to define the processes and technology to deploy, update, secure, and remove these applications from Mobile devices. The Application department as well as the security and IT departments should be involved here.
  • Mobile Life Cycle Management - Getting the devices in the hands of the users is one part of deployment but those devices need to be managed from a Life Cycle perspective such as renewing the devices, disposing of old devices, replacing damaged or lost devices. This Telecoms and purchasing departments should be involved in defining the Life Cycle management of your mobile fleet.